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Achnatherum hymenoides

Indian Ricegrass

A beautiful, delicate bunchgrass that is commonly found growing in deep, dry sandy soils, making it an excellent soil stabilizer with its fibrous root system.


Deschampsia caespitosa

Tufted Hairgrass

Commonly found in moist or seasonally wet soil, this long lived bunchgrass reaches 2-5' tall with an airy, ornamental appearance.


Leymus cinereus

Basin Wildrye

Reaching 3' wide and 5'+ tall, this bear of a bunchgrass is found in moist to dry sites, most often in areas with seasonally high soil moisture, making it a great choice for your rain garden or bioswale, where it can dry out in summer and absorb moisture during the cool/rainy season. With its large stature, it makes excellent nesting and cover habitat for birds and small animals.

Koehleria mac.jpg

Koehleria macrantha

Prairie Junegrass

Relatively small in stature but arguably one of the most beautiful bunchgrasses, Prairie Junegrass reaches up to 2' tall and is tolerant of cold, heat, and drought.


Pseudoroegneria spicata

Bluebunch Wheatgrass

Highly palatable to both livestock and wildlife, this bunchgrass grows to roughly 2-3' tall and is drought tolerant. Planted in mass it is both beautiful and stabilizes soil with its extensive root system.

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